'Breed is the story of Ray Stoner, a man who discovers he is half-demon. Created by Jim Starlin, 'Breed has starred in three miniseries, the first published by Malibu Comics, and the latter two by Image. In the third series Starlin set one issue at a crossdimensional nexus, enabling him to have several guest appearances by other characters he had created.

Connections TO 'Breed

  • Marvel Universe 'Breed makes a cameo appearance in Ultraforce/Avengers #1.
  • Ultraverse 'Breed makes a cameo appearance in Ultraforce/Avengers #1.

Connections IN 'Breed

  • Dreadstar Jim Starlin's Vanth Dreadstar and his catman ally Oedi both guest star in 'Breed III #6.
  • Kid Cosmos Jim Starlin's Kid Cosmos guest stars in 'Breed III #6.
  • Warrenverse Darklon the Mystic from the Warrenverse guest stars in 'Breed III #6.
  • Wyrd Jim Starlin's Wyrd guest stars in 'Breed III #6.
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