Fallen Angel is a creator-owned comic created by writer Peter David and artist David Lopez, telling the story of Lee, the titular fallen angel, who now lives in the fictional city of Bete Noir. Initially published by DC Comics, it later moved to IDW Comics.

Connections IN Fallen Angel

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Illyria, one of the characters from Buffy-spin-off show Angel, visits Bete Noir in the miniseries Fallen Angel: Reborn.
  • DC Universe Linda Danvers, the post-Crisis Supergirl who eventually gained angelic powers in tales written by Peter David, appears in Fallen Angel as Lin, Lee's predecessor.
  • Sachs and Violens The two stars of one of David's other creator-owned series became supporting cast members in Fallen Angel, beginning with Fallen Angel volume 1 #19.
  • Shi Billy Tucci's ninja character Shi made a guest appearance in Fallen Angel volume 2 #17-19.
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